Astrology is literally the Language of LIGHT! We can understand astrology’s mechanisms as the chromatic expression of frequencies and vibrations of light and sound. We are ‘sonoluminescent’ beings fused with the phases of matter interacting in the field of time.

This page is intended as sample of the works underlying Spectratypal AstrologyTM, the corresponding color frequencies of the Zodiac.

Spectral Index

The planets and signs are related in general spectral frequency. In this graph you can see the planet energy/frequency within the spectrum (central column) and the traditional corresponding signs (left and right columns).The 12 divisions of the primary RGB color spectrum is superimposed over the signs. The colors are specific to the nanometer measurements of the chromatic index. These are mathematically expressed. 

The blue dot in the middle represents the fixed Earth field within the spectrum. The black line represents the orbit with inner planets and outer planets. The darker shades and lighter shades. 

The Sun & Moon are shown as the white light and total spectrum emission. Saturn is black representing absorption. 

We will break down this chart in the advanced sections.

Chromaticity Curve

This is the curve of the 1931 Chromaticity Index still used in many color systems today. 

Here you see the wavelengths of each of the “real colors”  and the placement on the index. 

The line of purples do not exist as natural colors, as they are combinations to two existing color frequencies.

The Blackbody Curve can be seen in atomic structure and in the make-up of galaxies.  


The RGB color wheel is shown with the Zodiac overlayed. Revealing this color pattern mathematically reflects both the RGB/CMY color integrations within the spectrum and within the Zodiac. 

The “Fibonacci Indig” sequence and pattern is also shown. The colors and corresponding planets are represented on the outside in their relationship to color. 

The nanometer scale, between 380-700nm is shown around 270 degrees of the 360 degree divisions. The remaining 90˚, (the fourth quadrant) contain the “purple line” of colors that do not exist as single color frequencies in nature and and not shown in the chromaticity index curve. 

SIGNS & Decan

This chart represents the full color spectrum, including the ‘line of purples’ which make up the  Zodiacally correspondent frequencies. The decan combination of colors within each sign correspond to opposing frequency pairs.

Color Interactions within a Toroidal Matrix

Vortex Mathematics can give insights into the distribution and flow of energy in the toroidal field. 

The Rainbow Bridge

The concept of the spectrum is equally expressed at the quantum particle level as the essential qualities of particles. At the Planck Level these primary tetrahedral particles are refereed to as ‘time crystals’ or what I have described in astrological terms as “The Cosmohedron”. In this comparative chart I have introduced the “Standard Model of Astrological Mechanics” that functions the same at the level of quantum particles as it does with planets, galaxies and the Universe as a whole. This particular adaptation of the chart is an earlier version in the research using the RYB (red-yellow-blue) primary colors rather than the RGB chromaticity spectrum. The evolution of this chart and its meaning are explained in the advanced training on this subject. 

More to come...

Spectratypal AstrologyTM, is the intellectual property of Russ von Ohlhausen.